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World Leaders in Gas Turbine
& Process Compressor Cleaning Systems and Chemicals

Rochem Technical Services – a member of the Rochem group of companies - has been a world leader since 1978 in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning technology, cleaning chemicals and associated equipment. RTS is the only company in the world that designs, manufactures, markets and supports its own systems and chemicals on a worldwide basis.

Our gas turbine and process compressor cleaning systems and chemicals are available and well-known worldwide under the trade name FYREWASH®.

Our patented cleaning system technology is based on our own unique atomising injection nozzle system designs and the broadest range of manual to fully-automated wash skids to suit every make and type of gas turbine and process compressor.

We also offer the widest range of proven and approved compressor cleaning chemicals because there is no such thing as one single chemical formulation that can deal effectively with every operating and fouling condition.

Rochem Technical Services has been serving the gas turbine and process compressor OEM and end-user industries since 1978 and its customer/installation reference list is at least four times greater than its nearest rival.

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FYREWASH Chemicals

Fyrewash ChemicalsRochem Technical Services are a world leader in gas turbine compressor cleaning and gas turbine efficiency. Our systems use online and offline cleaning systems and chemicals.
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Fyrewash SystemsWorld’s most advanced injection nozzle systems for on-line and off-line cleaning. For new engines or retrofit to existing engines or process compressors.
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Post Treatment Systems

Fyrewash SystemsManagement and safe disposal of contaminated waste chemical and rinse water from off-line compressor cleaning has always been a very costly problem for gas turbine operators.
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Observation Windows

Plenum windows to view compressor washing, warn of fouling, bearing oil leakages, ice build-up and degradation of inlet filters.
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Research & Development

We are currently developing a performance boosting airflow system for the Miss Geico Offshore Racing Team in the USA.
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