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November 7, 2008

New patented nozzle designs for 2009

Unlike its competitors RTS is unique in that it designs, develops and manufactures in-house all its own atomising nozzle technology for its compressor cleaning systems.

RTS does not use off-the-shelf nozzles like its competitors because they are often totally unsuited to the requirements of on-line and/or off line compressor cleaning. Instead RTS has always designed and manufactured its own nozzle systems to precisely suit the variations of every engine type to which they are fitted.

New and unique RTS nozzle designs are currently the subject of patent applications and it is hoped to introduce them in early 2009 along with new wash skid designs which operate on a new, more efficient and effective philosophy for compressor cleaning.

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We are constantly evaluating new ideas and improvements for compressor washing systems and chemicals. These articles show some of those activities such as measurement and analysis of nozzle droplet sizes, the building of full size models of gas turbine inlets for nozzle testing and determining the true cleaning efficiency of our chemicals versus those of our competitors using our own working model of a gas turbine.

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