Rochem Technical Services

Rochem Technical Services

Rochem Technical Services began development of its Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning System in London, England in 1978. In 1984 the FYREWASH® On-line Compressor Cleaning System was introduced to the American market. Rochem is, in large part, responsible for the general acceptance of this cleaning concept and method by the gas turbine industry.

The Rochem FYREWASH® System currently holds two (2) U.S. Patents number 5,011,540 and 5,273,395 which covers the method and apparatus for cleaning a gas turbine compressor while the engine is operating at up to normal speed and full load.

The FYREWASH® System has been incorporated by leading gas turbine manufacturers and packagers, such as: STEWART & STEVENSON Gas Turbine Division (Houston, Texas) JOHN BROWN ENGINEERING (London, England), GENERAL ELECTRIC (Schenectady, New York), FIAT (Italy), EUROPEAN GAS TURBINES (Lincoln, England) and other major OEM's.

Our Mission

Rochem Technical Services' mission is to provide every Gas turbine operator with the best possible products and solutions to clean their turbine's compressor and maintain high efficiency of their systems.

We thank our customers for the trust they have given us and that made us Number One in the industry. We also thank our customers for using us as "the industry Yard-stick" by which all other so-called "like Rochem but better" companies are measured.

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Case Studies

Siemens V94

Industrial gas turbines operate in many different environments, ranging from industrial sites to offshore locations to desert and arctic areas. In spite of the highly sophisticated air cleaning systems available today, ingression of air borne particles into the gas turbine compressor is inevitable, especially particles that can readily travel through the filter mesh, such as […]

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Latest News

September 25, 2017

18th Annual Australian Gas Turbine Conference

Will you be at this years Australian Gas Turbines Conference? ┬áRochem’s Managing Director Martin Howarth will be presenting at this years conference, sharing his knowledge and expertise on ┬áthe Benefits & Best Practices for Gas Turbine and Centrifugal Compressor Cleaning. It has been a good year for Rochem so far with Martin speaking at a […]

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