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Case Studies

Siemens V94

Industrial gas turbines operate in many different environments, ranging from industrial sites to offshore locations to desert and arctic areas. In spite of the highly sophisticated air cleaning systems available today, ingression of air borne particles into the gas turbine compressor is inevitable, especially particles that can readily travel through the filter mesh, such as […]

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Latest News

September 15, 2017

Rochem Supporting Military Veterans at Armstrong Charity Golf Event.

  Photograph from right to left; SGT Major Cliff, Speaker SGT Major Dan Miller, Gunny Torrez, Vet Chuck Rock, Steve Egelhoff of Rochem and Pete Margliotti of Armstrong Energy, Shelocta, PA.   Armstong Energy hosted a charity golfing event to benefit the Wounded Warrior military chairity. Teams were divided into Team red, white, blue and a […]

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