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The Rochem® Jet Engine Wash System (Ro-Jet-Wash™) represents the latest , most efficient, effective and low-cost ownership technology for the on-wing cleaning of any type and size of aircraft jet engine
Rochem Aviation, Inc is a member of Rochem group of companies. For over 30 years Rochem personnel have provided highest level of customer service in engine washing application ranging from Industrial gas turbines to Jet engine. The Ro-Jet-Wash is supported worldwide by Rochem Aviation and its associated Rochem Group companies. The RJW patent - protected system has been specially designed and proven for the on - wing washing, cleaning and desalination of jet engines and offers many distinct advantages in performance, safety and ease of use over other types of on - wing engine wash systems or engine cleaning service. Users of the RJW system save  considerable sums of money in reduced fuel consumption, improved engine reliability, reduced corrosion problems, extended on wing times, lower carbon emissions and lower long term.

The Rochem Jet engine wash system represents the latest, efficient, effective and low cost ownership technology for the on - wing cleaning of any type and size of aircraft jet engine.

The numerous proven benefits of the Ro-Jet wash system include:

  • Significantly reduced fuel burn, typically 1 to 1.5 % per year.
  • Consistent, predictable results from engine wash.
  • Longer on - wing times
  • Operator choice of using hot water washing only or hot wash with the addition of detergents to further improve cleaning effect.
  • Patent atomizing nozzle injection system maximizes compressor (and main fan) cleaning result with minimum usage workload
  • Easier maintenance process and procedure
  • Engine wash times, including set up, reduced to minutes, not hours.
  • Unsurpassed cost/benefit ratios.
  • Extremely short pay back/amortization periods
  • Minimal maintenance requirements, no consumables apart from water (and small amount detergent, if used)
  • Safe, self-positioning system, no physical connection whatsoever to the engine being washed.



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