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Rochem's "Krankwash™ Effluent Treatment" system ET System can save gas turbine operators a lot of money and a lot of headaches in trying to comply with costly pollution regulations while also trying to maintain plant efficiency at the highest possible levels.

Regular gas turbine compressor cleaning is vital to maintain power output and fuel efficiency- especially in today's world of very high fuel prices and low margins of profit.

Some operators utilise a combination of on-line and off-line washing while others rely solely on off-line washing to maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness and efficiency.

However, while on-line fired washing offers the distinct advantage of having no contaminated waste to deal with, off-line, crank-washing procedures - no matter how effective - carry the considerable extra cost penalty of having to safely deal with the considerable volumes of contaminated waste chemical and rinse water which result from this cleaning procedure.

And this is how ET System can reduce the problems and costs associated with the collection and disposal of crank-wash water and chemical waste by 95% or more:

Option 1 is to simply to store the much reduced volume of concentrated chemical waste safely within the system and/or other storage facility on site until sufficient has been collected for disposal in one economical load-instead of 20 separate loads-by a contractor.

Option 2 is to mix the relatively small volume of chemical concentrate with fuel oil and burn on site in any low grade boiler system-thereby achieving the absolute optimum of ZERO DISCHARGE from compressor washing procedures.

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